It’s been six months…

Six months today was when you couldn’t call me brace face anymore. I was no longer calling myself ‘shark tooth’ or ‘metal mouth’. Though, I am what you would call a tooth snob now. I can’t help it. I wear my retainer during the night time, but when I’m out around on the streets and I see people who have crooked teeth, I want to rush home and pop that blue retainer back in my mouth. These babies cost me an arm and a leg but was well worth it. I have silly reoccurring nightmares that my teeth are denting in, moving back to their old places, chipping.. etc. It’s very strange.

Do you know how many new types of chewing gum comes out in 18 months? A heck of a lot! (Somehow I managed to get my hands on a complementary, well designed and very impressive package of Stride gum – which really does last a ridiculously long time. Have you seen it? It almost looks like you’re opening up a mini pack of cigarettes. Cute. Then there’s the old lady favorite Wrigley’s 5 that has the same flavors as Stride but doesn’t last ridiculously long and pomegranate by Trident. Damn that stuff has a strong smell on it. The flavor? Doesn’t last 5 minutes!).

Chewing gum and sticky candy are a few of the things you should really stop eating when you get braces on. But my goodness the delicious new flavors and brands of gum out there … unbelievable. If you haven’t tried the Denytne Blast (Wild Winter is a personal fav), I suggest you do. When you first bite into it, there’s a gush of cool mint that surrounds my mouth like nothing else. I’ve been chewing gum like it’s been going out of style, for the last six months, mainly at work because I don’t want to snack and get a huge bum. I guess I’m making up for it now (chewing the gum! Not the big arse!), I actually buy the jars of 40’s and it lasts me about a week. It’s my sugar–free vice, and could be a lot worse, right?

Thinking about getting braces? Here is the run down:

  • Orthodontic consultation: Free (I’m not sure if he was just nice, or if it’s always free.)
  • Two teeth extractions with a visit from the dentist: $200
  • X-Rays, molds of bad teeth, photos of face, and initial cost braces being put on: $630
  • Monthly payments of $160 x 2 years: $3840 (Even though I had braces on for 18 months, the contract said 24 months. BOO!)
  • TOTAL COST: $4670.00

I got things done quickly once I moved to Ontario. I graduated school in June 2006, and flew straight to Ontario 3 days after. Initially I wanted to purchase a car but I thought that since teeth will last forever, I’d get that over with and get my pretty smile fixed. I’m glad I did. Those 18 months flew by, and even though I liked every moment checking out my teeth in my hand held mirror, watching my shark tooth go back into place with all the rest of my bottom teeth – I’m glad they’re off. I don’t smile any less or anymore than I used to, despite what others say. I never let my teeth get the best of me. I didn’t have low confidence about showing my teeth off. I just wanted straight teeth, is all! Seriously. My teeth didn’t look bad except when you looked at them at certain angles, and boy did I not know what angles they were when the camera was shining on me. Har har.

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