On the run

My BF mentioned to me on Monday that there is a small 2.5km, 5km and 10km race on Sunday. I started running the very next evening. BF came with me to keep pace and make sure I didn’t get mugged in the dark. We did the race loop (2.5km per loop) which has me stoked since it’s only in our backyard basically. I already broke my record, second day on the job. That’s motivation for ya — like I said, I like breaking my own records.

However, I’m still unsure about registering for the race. I plan on doing the 5k. I wanted to start off slow. I’ve never been in a race before, and I haven’t been at the gym training and having competitions with myself since May. I’m very self–competitive and I want to do well. If I don’t think I will do well, I won’t enter and be devastated by a crap time. lol

Tuesday: 25:10 (I wanted to die, my lungs were so tired by the end of it. Then I cooked us a feast. heehe)
Wednesday: 23:48 (Lungs felt a bit better. Also wanted to die again. Busy time to run 6:30P)
Goal for Thursday: 22:55

I’m estimating it was 4.3 km because I didn’t do the loop that goes around the football stadium and back on the road again which would make it an actual 5k run. I may chicken out. I still have 3 days left to train my butt off.

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  1. I used to run alot back in high school but in the last few years I’ve become way too out of shape. I need to get back into that again!

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