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Basically, this is my favorite show and I need to watch it every week. If I miss it for some reason, like I had a soccer game I go my boyfriend goes online to search until he can find it (wonder if anyone is going to die this season? Will Lynette have a relapse?). I still haven’t seen last Sunday’s episode — so no spoilers in the comments please :)  I try not to get addicted to too many television shows but Desperate Housewives owns me. I used to watch a handful of shows on a regular basis like Survivor, Grey’s, DHW, and House. Now it’s only down to two, if that. I love watching House and I absolutely adore his character but I don’t need to watch it like I follow DHW.

Has anyone ever told you that a tv/movie character reminds them of you? My boyfriend tells me all the time that I remind him of Susan from Desperate Housewives. I can definitely see it when I watch the show now that he pointed it out. I’m a bit clumsy like Susan / kinda silly, and well — I don’t know how else to really explain it unless you know the character herself.

Want to know who I really find annoying on that show? Mike’s ex wife Katherine. Also? Where is little Michael these days? He hasn’t shown up yet this season. I admit though, there’s only been 3 or 4 episodes, so maybe he’ll come along soon.

What are some of your must–see shows throughout the week?

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