Flush the toilet!

One thing that really irks me about public washrooms and why I’m so afraid of them, is because you dirty girls don’t know where the flipping flush handle is. What the hell are your problems? It’s sick. I almost vomit in my hands when I see that. I was at the gym today and had to pee after my run. It was a good hour and a half work out today. I haven’t been to the gym in about a week and a half, and boy is it hard to get back in there.. only taking such a short break too.

So, one of the Mac CD rom drives shat on my cd. It scratched up all the information on my CD. I’m glad it wasn’t such an important CD either. I would’ve lost it.

I’m starved. I might go climbing tonight. My free mth membership is up in a few days. Not cool – I climbed maybe once since I got that membership :( Leave a comment or two one of these days, will ya? LATER b’ys!!

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