Half Ironman = Half a tattoo

I was joking with my Boyfriend the other week saying once he completes his 70.3 Muskoka Ironman, that he needs to get half of an ironman tattoo somewhere on his body, as completing one of those is an enormouse accomplishment, especially only getting involved with Du’s in 2006 and Tri’s in 2008.

His race went well, of course he wishes he could’ve done better in certain parts of the race. The swim was 1.2 miles, Bike 56 miles and ran a half marathon (13.1 miles) after all of that! It was raining on race day but it wasn’t windy or cold at all, which made it all better for the athletes. His time overall was 5:59! And what a small world it is, indeed. During registration, I glanced over the hundreds of bodies (about 1,800 in the race I think!?) and spotted a guy I knew from Newfoundland! He flew up to Ontario with his wife, just to do the half ironman that weekend. Wild hey.

Ooohhh….I got my photo taken with Craig Alexander the world champion triathlete of 2007! Unfortunately the picture quality is poop because the flash on BFs blackberry didn’t go off. Craig won the race on Sunday as well. He alsooooo won Newfoundland’s 70.3 half ironman distance (that’s where I’m from!) I love it when people know where Newfoundland is located on a map.

The 70.3 distance race was a lot different than the Guelph Lake Tri in August, where a racer collapsed just feet from the finish line and had to be resuscitated with the defibrillator and had performed CPR on him. Of course, everyone was rubber necking and checking out what the deal was, as was I. They backed up an ambulance to the finish line and finally got him breathing again. When the young man was awake after all the mishap on the stretcher, he certainly had a sense of humor… pointing, winking and doing the wave to all the spectators and athletes as he was being wheeled into the ambulance.

So what’s next for this triathlete? Only bigger and better things to come. My BF has already registered for the Ironman Canada in August of ’09 which will be held in British Columbia. I’m already stoked!

(More pictures will be added in the next few days)

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