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When I bought my car, there was a sticker on the top left hand side of the windshield telling me when I needed to bring my car in for maintenance, or get an oil change. I have no idea what those stickers really mean in the first place. I always saw them on my parents ford escort, before they bought the luxurious sebring and just knew that the car had to be looked at. What they did, when they over-viewed the car, I haven’t the slightest. But I’m glad I brought it in.

I bought my car in October 2009, and had a good going over when it was inspected by something similar to Phoenix auto repair, but it was another company. So I listened to the 43,000km sticker on my windshield and brought it into Mazda. I wanted my car to have yet another going over before the 3 year warranty was up, in March 2010. Good thing I decided to go in to have my car checked out, whether or not the scheduled service package cost me $190 or not, I was pleased with everything they had to do.In fact, the ended up replacing the water pump as it was leaking on the ground, which was covered by the warranty. I had no idea anything was leaking, probably because I park it in an indoor garage and the snow and ice always drip off the car regardless. So there was always puddles lol.How much is that even worth?

The scheduled service package was a great investment for me as it gave me a ton of piece of mind now that I know my car is in tip top shape and my freaking engine doesn’t have to be replaced or anything major like that. I had it all written down, and I ended up finding it on the website what the service package included – but I’m lost right now and I can’t find it on the Mazda website. What the?? Anyway, I know they checked all the pumps (like I mentioned), and timing belts (whatever that is) the hoses… stuff like that. The ins and outs of the car, or guts as I’d like to all it.

Owning a car is tough work and takes a lot of money. But if you end up putting away so much per pay cheque, you’ll never have to dip into your chequing/savings accounts – as you’ll have like a car fund pile of money. I made my BF pick up my car when I had it looked at (I dropped it off). I didn’t want anyone taking advantage of me saying I needed this, this this and this replaced. It’s easy to be ignorant towards something you know absolutely nothing about.

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