This could be trouble.

I recently found out how to work ebay. Don’t laugh!

I don’t think it’s a good thing, that I know how it works now. It’s pretty identical to etsy — the homemade place where I have been buying clothes, and Christmas presents for the past two years. Ebay is exactly the same, but etsy is a lot more user-friendly to navigate.

On my first purchase, I did the “buy it now” as the auction wasn’t available. I’m glad I did it, because I didn’t like the stress of knowing people are willing to pay more than me on a certain item.


This gorg, lululemon “Run:Race Tech” tank. It’s coming from Florida. Neat huh? I’m currently bidding on two things.

Ruehl white purse (is Ruehl going out of business?):


… and these Lululemon Run Empower Crop II’s (yes, the same one’s just a different color!). I think I’m losing this one though. The people need to understand they can just order them online, right now. For LESS than what it’s going on ebay. Tsk tsk tsk.

ebayI’m not willing to go over a certain amount of $$$ dollas, which I like. I don’t have to keep checking back and bidding. I’ll know if I won, if I won.

Have you ever used ebay for buying or even selling? I think you could make a few bucks here and there. Especially if you’re a Lululemon addict like I am. I could buy all the things in the loot section and then go and sell them on ebay — new with tags — for double the money. I’m not that interested in doing it though. It’s silly what some of the stuff sells for or even what sort of stuff even goes up on ebay, like a free life insurance quote.

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  1. That purse is cute! And i can’t talk much about lululemon products, but they are your favourites. So it’s a win-win! Post more pics and reviews of what you have / buy.

    I had an ebay account some time ago, but my credit card bill was getting out of hand. So i had to stop buying stuff there. I’m currently using only MercadoLivre (brazilian ebay).

    I was browsing Adidas website to check some new future purchases. Check some stuff i liked:

    Supernova Glide Tee

    Supernova Glide Tight

    D 3 Stripes Tee (loved this!)

    Unfortunately no online store here. I was browsing US / Canada online store to have an idea of the prices and look what i found:

    It’s a bargain. If you are interested on trying out skorts, it’s a great price. It’s a tennis skort, but it should be just as good or even better than normal running skorts.

    Have a great weekend.

  2. I’ve actually used ebay for both! Probably more for buying than selling, but I have been lucky and sold some things there before. Nice to earn a little cash :)

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