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I e-mailed Shabby Apple back in December asking if I could do a review of one of their articles of clothing, on my website. They promptly wrote back mentioning that they have a company policy about shipping outside of the states and I would have to pay for shipping. That wasn’t a problem, because quite honestly how much would it really cost to have in my hands? I first picked out the half zip jacket from the athletic wear section of their website. Isn’t it super cute? Almost like a lululemon style zip up, perfect for a warm up piece for the gym. Unfortunately Shabby Apple couldn’t allow me to do a review on the new fitness line. As they don’t have the rights to, from the company who actually makes that line.


I guess I could purchase it without problems though, obviously. They did give me an option of two of their popular dresses, Anchors Away or the cute aqua colored 90wpm dress. I chose the 90wpm dress in an extra small.


After I chose the dress, I wrote the company telling them which dress I’d like to review and I mentioned that I realized I would have to pay the shipping – not a problem! However, I should have asked how much the shipping would cost me initially, as I was surprised when they invoiced me for $29.95. I had the option to pay it, and I didn’t mind doing so as I mentioned before, it’s a review and paying for shipping was fine. Except … $29.95 for a light weight, cotton dress to ship to Canada?

The ladies I dealt with throughout the process were quite kind and prompt with their replies, and I would definitely deal with them again in the future since I’m definitely eying the half zip jacket. In fact, if you purchase from their Shabby Apple store by January 28, 2010 you can take an additional 20% off your purchase by using the coupon code: winter20off. Four days leftttttt!

Well, now that I’m done rambling about what had happened, I suppose I should talk about the dress a little bit!

When I opened the packaging  which was presented in bright colorful tissue paper. The fit of the dress mentioned on their website that if you’re a size small regularly, than to size down as it’s a big make. I did so, and it was a good fit! I loved the cinched sides of the dress and the length – it’s perfect to wear in the summer, or in the fall/winter with some leggings and a cute sweater. I can’t wait to wear this number to work! It’s cute, no? Go over and check out what other adorable things Shabby Apple has to offer!

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