Moving to the basement

Happy New Year kids!! I just spent my afternoon, helping my Father throw away all his architectural plans from way back when. I’m moving down into my parents huge one room basement. My bedroom is cluttered so bad, with getting ready to move downstairs. I’ve got a couch in my 10 foot by 10 foot bedroom for heaven sakes. I’m super stoked to move down, soon I’ll be painting the walls. The walls now are almost like a light sea-green. Puke.

I just finished updating my about me section. I haven’t updated that in about two years. haa. So much has changed.

My computer seems to be working fine, no more shut downs since that effed up time, last week. Still, I backed up my stuff, justttt incase.

I’ve got so-so-so many photos from this Christmas Holidays just past. Wow. I need to upload them really soon. They’re piling up on my computer. I love it!

I’m gonna jump in the shower now, and head up to do some bouldering with Ken. Woo!

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