Indoor track running

Man, I just got back from working out at the University gym with my friend Stef just then. We were there for almost two hours. This time, we decided to run on the indoor track instead of the treadmills down in the basement. I think running on the track is better, it’s less boring and I love passing people. I was pushing myself extra hard today, because I haven’t really worked out, in three weeks. It seems a LOT longer than that though. I jogged 2 – 3 laps, and then I sprinted 1, and I did all that for 25minutes. I took a break, and worked my biceps and then tried to see what I could do on the track again. I was so tired, and my throat burned. I decided that I was going too slow, when I realized that a lady with a baby, was jogging at the same pace as me. I stopped, and worked my abs then. I’m sore, and everything felt so hard today. I can’t wait til that feeling is gone! I’m going climbing in 2hrs. I hope I’m not gonna suck and be weak, from working out! I hate how I get so cold after working out.

I updated the photo gallery page, but I took down all the videos, and I’ll be uploading those again shortly. There was a lot of videos, and they were taking up a lot of space. So maybe I’ll get some new ones up. Especially the New Years Eve ones, of us all car-skiing down the dirt road. Haha. I can’t wait to do that again!!

Those who know me, may know that I’m moving down into my parents basement. This has been the talk, for quite a few months now. I’ve finally picked out the paint colors. Kinda earth tone browns/greys. I can’t wait to get moved down there. It’ll be SO cold downstairs, but it’ll be my own little flat. It’s great. I’m super stoked too. Wahoooogle!

School’s going alright. Not many assignments being handed out yet. New Years, and Christmas was fun. But after that, it took a sharpe u-turn. I’d just rather not talk about it on my public website. The past week has been totally stressful and I’ve been cranky as a witch. But getting distracted makes me happy. So climbing & working out does that for me. YAY! I was at HMV the other day, and bought this Sander Kleinenberg house CD. It’s a 2xCD set. It’s pretty good, it’s not crazy house, and not too mellow. It’s a wee bit expensive, but I’d recommended it! Anyhoo, later folks. I Miss you british girls!! :)

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