Alvin, Simon….THEODORE!

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I remember the original theme song for Alvin and the Chipmunks. I think Theodore was my favorite because he was active and hyper, just like me. Now they have a .move out called .. (get this) The Squeakquel. Bahahaha. Notice the pun intended there? I thought that was way over the top adorable. I even have Christmas tunes by Alvin and the Chipmunks and I can’t wait to whip out the MP3 and start playing it right after Halloween.

So if you guys didn’t know already Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel is now available on DVD, Blue-Ray and Digital Download as of March 30! So yes, it’s available right now, you can even buy it now if you want! One of my nephews birthdays is coming up soon and since they’re moving over to Canada, from Ireland — maybe this would be an awesome little pressie for him. There is even a double DVD pack that includes “The Squeak Along” (I can’t get over these sweet names haha!), which has more music, mayhem and all new singalongs. Totally twice the fun for the price of one. I just rhymed. It’s the kid in me coming out, as I talk about these little pipsqueaks.

Have you seen this yet with your kids? Or maybe even your friends if you like going to see children movies — I know I certainly do! Check this out with your family, and maybe even add it to your at home movie collection.

I always got in giggle fits while watching them.  I also remember when fast food places had them with kid meals and I used to collect all three of the chipmunk characters. They were so adorable. Which one was your favorite?

Also? You can MUNK yourself ( — kids will absolutely have a blast with this. You can even record your own voice and make the chipmunk talk. Adorbbbbb.

Here’s my lil’ lady.

You can also visit for More Munk Mayhem! Good evenin’ all. I have a full day ahead of me tomorrow!

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