Shes Connected Conference 2012 #SCCTO

ShesConnected Conference 2012

As a blogger for one of the Chicken Farmers of Canada programs, I’m going to the She’s Connected Conference 2012! Gah!

You may have noticed this colorful banner above, on my website for a week or so now. I’m going to leave it up until I actually go to the event.

I’ve only been to one blogging conference before, and that was at BlogHer11 in San Diego California last August 2011. I’m happy to attend the SCCTO which is close to home — about an hour’s drive. I’ll be going solo, so I’m  a bit nervous for that, unless YOU are going (leave a comment below if you are!). I hear there’s a newbie area where people can meet up and not feel so overwhelmed and shy.

There’s also going to be a manicure booth, and you can skip a seminar to get a massage as well. Oh buddy, sign me up!

Thank you SCCTO and Chicken Farmers for sending me to the SCCTO conference. I’m excited!!

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  1. I’m going to SCCTO solo as well! My first ever blog conference – at least you have BlogHer under your belt ;)

    Looking forward to meeting you Nancy! I used to comment on this blog under another blog I had (MommyQuitHerJob) LOL!

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