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Christmas-Snoopy-Lights-TreeI usually start my Christmas shopping towards the end of July and I’m usually finished by the time October comes around, give or take a few presents.  Yes, I know it sounds crazy but I like being organized in that sense. There’s a lot of  people I need to buy for! Almost all shopping is done online too. This year I’m a wee bit lacking in the funds and I do have a list for my regulars, but nothing has been bought. I still can’t help but feel a bit overwhelmed because I’ve been one to not go in debt during the Christmas season, and now I’ve turned into one of those.

I give it all good reason though. I went on a fabulous vacation in September, I bought a car, and a plane ticket home for Christmas in October. That gives me a tolerable reason for being “broke”.

I’ve got everything planned out though. Everyone’s gift has been chosen and I just need to go out and get it. It doesn’t hurt that the females I need to buy for are totally excited to receive some of my freebies that I got throughout the year using coupons [My Mom in fact is very excited to receive her free razors, shampoo, and shave gel!]. Throughout the year I always keep an e-mail draft in my gmail account and write down ideas for people’s gifts. Especially, when they subconsciously mention things throughout the year that they’d like to have. They think I have a memory like an elephant, but I just whip out my blackberry quickly, e-mail it to myself and then add it to the e-mail draft later on.

I think a trip to Toronto is needed. Very soon.

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  1. Very true. I just hate letting go of my money, which is why I start a lot later than you hahaha. But honestly, if I find something on super steep discount, and I know a friend/family member would love it, I save it for them for Christmas. I’ve done that for two presents this year (that I actually bought after Christmas, but still in December last year).

    Hooray for us!

  2. Wow–Christmas shopping begins in January and July for you two gals above me? Knowing my luck, if I did that I’d be like on the Christmas vacation movie where I’m finding gifts I’d tucked away and forgotten about. Last year I had a handy spreadsheet with gift recipients, date purchased, date rec’d (if ordered), the item, cost, and where shipped. I guess I could just add a column “where hidden” LOL. Needless to say I have not started shopping…eek

  3. I’ve been shopping for Christmas since January LOL. It’s soooo much less stressful when you don’t wait until December, huh? A good idea is to buy presents (bday pressies too) @ SDM when they have their 20x points events. That way you get lots of points for things you were gonna buy anyway – AND you have some gifts stashed away. They have lots of great gift stuff like candles, frames and electronic stuff.

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