Recent etsy purchases

Etsy, as I mentioned many times before, is a terrific place to shop. Here are some of my recent buys.

sweaterThis circle wrap in grey (and purple)

manga-teea manga tee for my newphews birthday in april

walleta duct tape wallet for him, too!

bdaycarda birthday card for his brother/my nephew. His birthday is in October. I get a little crazy. The card arrived just recently and it is SO tiny :x

I have a few Etsy seller shops saved in my gmail draft folder to resort back to, if someone’s birthday is coming up, or if I have a few extra bucks laying around and I want to get an November birthday gift in March. I swear, if you could buy auto insurance reviews on Etsy, I’d probably get that too. No stoppin’ me!

Who else loves Etsy just as much as I do?

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  1. I love Etsy but once I lost my job the spending came to an end. I still love to window shop. And once in awhile I’ve made a purchase for a gift.

    My favorite things are the cards. There’s so many talented people there.

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