Worst days at school


Monday and Tuesday mornings are the worst at school. Four hours of working on the printing presses. It gives you killer headaches, not to mention, standing on concrete the whole time. Makes ya angry and want to nap the rest of the day away. So – I took the afternoon off, and I’m going to do some cleaning up in my new room in the basement. It’s way cluttered, and I hate being unorganized. I can’t find anything yet. I packed everything up in boxes & grocery store bags. Piled high I tell yeah. Reeewrrrr. Hah, this morning I found out that one of my teachers, who is only a few years older than me. Is going to have a baby. He wants the boys middle name to be “Atari” haha!! I think that’s a hilarious but cool idea. But, his wife doesn’t like it. Hmm.. I wonder if anyone will ever name their kid Atari. HAHA!!!! Yeah, i’m super tired. Maybe i’ll take a nap.

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