Society’s Child

Two updates in one day, not too shabby!? I just watched the last hour and a bit, of the movie called Society’s Child. WOW, is all I can say. I really enjoy watching those types of movies, (ie: I Am Sam / Rainman). I highly suggest you go watch Society’s Child, if you ever have the chance.. though I’m not even sure you can rent it. I hope sometime, I’ll be able to see the beginning of that movie

I’ve been sitting at my computer the whole day (my ass hurts), trying to catch up on some homework. I’ve got 2 completed, and 2 more 1/2ish done. I’ve got 6 left to complete. Hoo wee I tell yah – what an exciting night…. booooring. I love saying ‘No’ to parties, to stay home and do homework, I just LOVE it. Ah well, I suppose it saves me money that I don’t need to be spending hey. Have a good evenin’ folks.

1 assignment down, 7 more left to do and I’m updating here. Only quick ;) Basement is finished, just have to move my stuff down and decide weather or not to put some carpet down on the tiled floor. I’m probably not going to move my stuff down on the week nights, cause I’ve just got a lot more to do, before that (assignments). We all went drinking last night and I brought my camera down. Headed down to a friends place, after that… went to another friends place and I think I left my Digital camera at his apartment. He gets off work soon, so I’m gonna call him up and see if I’ve left it there. Whoo dear… :/ Anyway back to Illustrator I go!

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