Weekend plans

What does everyone have planned for the weekend? I filmed a few YouTube videos last night, but I ended up doing one of them in two parts since I made a few mistakes and had to start over. It’ll need to be edited. One is an eyeshadow tutorial, and the other is my foundation routine!

As for weekend plans – nothing much on the agenda except for heading to the grocery store and picking up some essentials like milk, potty pads for Alfie, butter, and we’re also running low on the vitamins we take daily (click here to buy some online!)

What are your weekend plans? Do you take a daily vitamin?

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  1. Nothing major planned for the weekend. I might head out shopping to see if I can score some deals, as most clothing stores are clearing out their winter stock to make room for spring. What else? I need to start running on a regular basis again since there is a 10 km race in my city at the end of April that I want to participate in. So if I’m brave and the sidewalks are clear, I will go for a run outdoors. If not, it’s treadmill time for me. Oh, and I might go skating to test out the new skates my fiance gave me for Christmas. So excited!!

  2. Sorry for stalking you on twitter:) I can’t wait for the videos…I NEED HELP!!! LOVED your outfits in the last post. We are just hanging out this weekend and catching up on SLEEP!! Have a great night gorgeous!

    Nancy says: HUH! I saw your face! You don’t need help. I need tips from YOU woman. Flawless application.

  3. I am going to have a girls night tomorrow and I am so looking forward to it after being stuck in the house sick! I usually take a multivitamin, but I am all out right now. I need to stalk up :)

  4. I had an awesome weekend! I attended a dance workshop with Nick Gonzalez (a very popular dancer from the states). He was on So You Think You Can Dance Second Season. The workshop for Hip Hop and Tap was AMAZING! You should check out some of his videos on YouTube.

    Hope you had a great weekend!!!

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