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In case you guys aren’t checking my YouTube channel (which you need to subscribe to!), I’m posting my two newest videos!

Eyeshadow “tutorial” in quotes, yes because I feel like I’m not a pro. I mean, well you’ll see when you watch the video how gimpy my hands are. HA!

[Click the image to watch the video]

Next, my everyday makeup routine. Ooh la la.

[Click the image to watch the video]

I woke up and made my boyfriend a fancy omelet with chicken and red peppers, then some hashbrowns and sausages. I’m not a huge breakfast fan and I rarely eat big breakfasts. I much prefer suppers to be my big meal of the day. So tonight we’re treating ourselves to some $3.77 Crescendo chicken pizza that we bought last night.

I ended up cleaning ALL day today, as in literally scrubbed the kitchen from top to bottom, and mopped the floors, I also mopped the porch/front entrance as that was getting a bit salty from our winter boots, and finally the bathroom was scrubbed down til the tiles sparkled.

Time for a break from all those jobs I say!

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  1. Hey Nancy, I’ve been loving your makeup videos. I”m thinking about upgrading my old Shoppers makeup brushes to MAC. Can you give recommendations on the best basic brushes to get?

    Nancy says: K, you just gave me an awesome idea for a video. I’ll film it this week!

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