Curling Iron version 2

I did a review on a curling iron not too long ago, and also not having a clue what I was doing with my hair.

Since I’m addicted to watching makeup guru’s on YouTube like TiffanyD, conveniently enough she posted a video on how to curl your hair with the same size iron that I received in the mail.

This is the outcome of my crazy ‘do. Of course it could be better. I didn’t go out in public like this or anything. But it’s a start!! YAY!!! Don’t light a match around this head of hair. Soo much product :)

Isn’t it crazy how the first time I used this curling iron, my curls looked like this? What a difference!

I can’t wait for my hair to get a lot longer, so my curls doesn’t look like I have a ‘bob’ styled hair cut. Long lush locks is what I need!

Hey. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post – another giveaway is coming up and it involves one of my favorite stores. Hint hint.

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  1. I love my curling iron. But I wish my hair was thick and long enough for hot rollers. (and yes I realize that sounds very 80’s!) haha!

  2. I use hot rollers Kelly! It’s the one way I can get my whole head of hair to have some volume. It usually lasts too!

    What products did you use? I am in the market for some new hairspray that isn’t “crunchy”. I hate crunchy products in my hair!

    Nancy says: A lot of the products I tried ended up making my hair crunchy – like in those pictures. It was gross. However, I will never give up my wonderful Aveda “Air Control” hair spray. It’s a light aerosol, but it also holds my (thin) hair pretty well.

  3. i really want to try to use my straightener to curl my hair… but my hair is so short that I dont know how well it will work. Totally going to check out that youtube video when I get home

  4. I love curling my hair. Once I started Icouldn’t stop. I barely wear it straight. You’ve seen my hair in its natural state! Lol My curling iron gets SO hot (you can choose the temp but I use the hottest which is 400). It curls so quickly & considering how crazy my hair is, the curls stick! :) I use the Bed Head 1 inch curling iron. Once you “train” your hair, the curls will stick! I think you’ll great w/ boucny curls! Hottie! :)

  5. Thanks for the Aveda suggestion. I love Aveda products so I’ll definitely add it to my shopping list!!

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