CrossFit Journal Year 2 Week 6

This was my first week at CrossFit after going Paleo (for thirty days). Have you seen what I’ve been eating the past week, in yesterdays post?

Have I noticed a difference in my abilities? Well, no not quite yet but I think it’s too early to judge any of that at the moment.

The short:

Monday — CrossFit
Tuesday —  Climbing
Wednesday — CrossFit
Thursday —  Climbing
Friday — rest (I planned on going to XFit but the power was out there!)
Saturday — rest
Sunday — rest

The long:


year 2, week 6, day one

3 x 10 Front Rack Lunges
What I completed: 55lbs – 60lbs – 65lbs
5 deadlifts
39 double unders
* 30 second rest
What I completed: I ended up doing Rx’ed!! I can’t believe I deadlifted 135lbs, that’s MORE than my body weight!! I also got double unders for the first time. It was Paleo Day 2, so that’s my reasoning behind it all. However I did manage to mangle my elbows in the process. I can’t get all fifty double unders in at once, so I trip over the skipping rope and this is what happens (they’re still bruised): double under wounds


year 2, week 6, day two

Climbin’ with the ladies for 1.5 hoursdaines jinga75 and me


year 2, week 6, day three

5 Rounds
3 Hang Power Snatch
6 Hang Power Clean
6 Alternating Split Jerk
What I completed: I used 55lbs for the entire WOD and completed it in 12:55


year 2, week 6, day four

Climbing for 1.5 hours!



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