Paleo day 1 – here we go!

I went shopping at the local fresh market yesterday morning with my friend Stephanie so I could start of the first day of Paleo on the right foot. I’ll be blogging Saturday mornings about my re-cap I think. Because I don’t want to become a food blogger. I can’t keep up with it every day, posting what I eat. So I’ll do it weekly.
What I bought at the market. Thass a lot of produce. I was completely overwhelmed when I put it on the stove top to take a picture. Where in the hey do I start? I texted my friend and she simply said, wash and chop. So I did, then it took me hours to write up a meal plan, cook and so-on, to prep myself for the upcoming week.
fresh food
I ended up washing, chopping and prepping my meals for a few hours yesterday. I was on my feet in the kitchen for what seemed like forever. But I ended up making some meals ahead of time so in the morning I can pop these egg omelet things in the microwave so I have no excuse to skip breakfast.
egg omelets
All of the goods.

Gotta be honest. I’m not all gung-ho about paleo because it IS restricting whether or not you like it. We’re living in 2013 here people, and of course food is going to be drastically different than the caveman days. The caveman also had different dental structure and ate friggen’ raw meat and organs. I ain’t about to be doing that shiznit. I get grossed out when cooked chicken has fat on the edges. It gets cut-off by my friendly fork ‘n knife, thankyouverymuch.

Paleo is such a touchy subject that I am almost hesitant on blogging about my experience. So many people can be so pushy and sensitive about it all. Me? Before I even started this process, I  don’t think this is a way for ME to live all the time. I love milk and I don’t even eat that much bread but when I have it, it’s soo delicious. Ace bakery anyone? I also have some medical issues (“dangerously” low iron, annoying eczema, and a bit of asthma which requires an inhaler when I exercise) but who knows maybe paleo is a miracle and will clear all my ailments and I’ll want to stay on it forever. Regardless of it all, I’m going to do it and you can skip over the blog if you don’t want to read about it.

I’ve been getting myself ready for the last two weeks. Googling paleo recipes, bookmarking and writing down my favorites and hopefully re-creating them within the 30 days. I’ve also came up with a  meal plan. To keep me on track I’ve created a routine for myself. Every monday I’ll be eating the same thing. Every Tuesday I’ll be eating the same meals, and so on. So week 1-4 is going to look identical.

 My meal plan isn’t interesting yet. I’m going to go through the first week and see how I like it. It’s hard coming up with snack ideas besides TUNA. Jeeze. Gimmie some of those chocolate covered almonds!

I think it’s going to be quite interesting for me, as it’ll force me to cook up bigger batches of meals and have food readily accessible to me when I feel like snacking. I also read that cravings last just ten minutes. I hope those ten minutes don’t feel like an eternity. My plan is to drink a big ol’ glass of water dreaming of a McDonalds milk shake while drinking it. I’m also planning to add cucumber pieces or lime wedges to my water, to add some flavor.

I’ve told every one that I’m doing this 30 day challenge. Even my co-workers are ready for me. In fact, their exact words were: If Nancy has a stick up her ass next week, we’ll know why. Another co-worker said after that comment:  Maybe we should send an e-mail out to everyone telling them that Nancy is going off the sugar!!! I kid you not. Oh lunch time humor. It is true though. I hope I don’t “detox” too hard and become a stick in the mud, or my ass….

Follow me along, won’t you? :)

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  1. I did a Whole30 challenge in January and just started another April 1st. I feel so much better when I eat this way. Planning is key and food prep so that you always have something to grab and stuff in your mouth!

    Enjoy and I will be reading…

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