Labeling everything in the house

I may have gotten carried away this past weekend labeling everything there was to label. Gotta say, I’m feeling pretty organized as of late. Truthfully though, I’ve fallen off the organizational wagon.

For the past few months I’ve been pretty slack at keeping our home organized. Clean laundry has been piling up on the couches, junk mail left in the porch ready to be shredded, and tons of Tupperware strewn all over the cabinet underneath the sink.

It was time to get into beast mode. Pump up the music and get organized.

I’m not the most organized organizer….

I received the DYMO® LabelManager® 160 handheld label maker and literally went to town with it. Making labels to keep things organized is so fun and super easy, I can see how it could get out of hand if given to a child. Or a Nancy ;)

First I had to assemble the label maker. Easy peasy. It takes a lot of batteries.

So far so good!I have to say, I was even tempted to label Alfie’s food bowls.  In all seriousness this is what I ended up using the LabelManager for:

Labeling things in our pantry.

I purchased these small salad dressing cups to label. Perfect size for spices! You can get them at the dollar store.

A little trial and error. I didn’t realize at first that I could do different font sizes. I laughed when I first stuck this huge LEMON PEPPER on my tiny containers. You can also include symbols, bold, underline or italicize your fonts.It’s definitely a handy little device as I don’t need to keep my spices in the plastic baggies anymore. I’ve decided to keep the bulk spices in the containers I recently purchased. It’s a pitiful amount to start off with, but it’s just that. A starter spice kit for just the two of us.

One giveaway ends, and another begins. Aren’t you folks just lucky!?

One of you lucky readers will be also eligible to win a DYMO® LabelManager® 160. In addition you will receive the batteries you need to power the device and an additional label cartridge, bringing the total value of the package to $50. Please note that the contest is available to Canadian residents only.

Contest ends Saturday night at midnight. Get crack-a-lackin’!

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  1. I also love when I get things organized. It takes a bit of time, but it seems to make everything easier in the long run.

  2. I am a horrible organizer. The thing that only seems to work well for me is to make sure that everything has a spot to go. Then I try to make sure that it goes back in that spot. Tough to keep up with when your super busy. I love the idea of labelling spices!

  3. One of my favourite new organizing finds are the 4 x 6 hard shell photocases from Dollarama. I use them to hold just about everything – paint chips, pens, paper scraps from handmade cards etc.

    I love the idea of being organized, but I’m at my best when we’re just about to have company over!

  4. Having a spot for everything keeps my organized. I also try to put everything away after I use it.

    BTW, label makers rock!

  5. This would be so handy! I recently put all bulk items into plastic storage containers, but my boyfriend went in to make some rice and didn’t know what was what, so these labels would nicely replace my post-its!

  6. I could use any help with my kitchen organization. The sniff test doesn’t always work when trying to identify spices!

  7. The best way I konw to get organized is having my sister come and clean out the cupboards of all the clutter!!

  8. To keep me organized I try to do a monthly purge of unused or unwanted things. I try to donate items or recycle/re-gifting.

  9. I have to be organised everything has it’s place and having my containers labelled would be awesome

  10. I have just started my house organization. It is taking me forever but I will be organized, oh yes, I will be organized.

  11. I try to keep organized but as the summer is here its hard to do it. This would be perfect for labeling my son’s back to school stuff. Oh I will have to check the dollar store for those little containers. I am in need of some. Like you if I need a new spice and not sure I will use it I tend to head to the balk barn and then they sit in baggies.

  12. I am not very organized at all! I keep my stuff in organized little piles all over….and only I really know where to find anything! LOL

  13. Oh gosh I want this. You don’t even understand how much I like to label. The last time I was allowed to organize at a job, the label maker was taken away from me. I may have also gone overboard.

  14. I just simply hate to see a mess and clutter so I am always organizing things around my home.

  15. Making to-do lists keeps me organized! Must remember to cross out, reevaluate, reorganize, and take off tasks no longer relevant or finished so it doesn’t become a huge mess of to-dos. (My to-do lists tend to be quite long).

    Side note: Have you considered using clear tape for label making?

  16. I keep try to things organized by keeping things in the same place and using totes to keep things in.

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