What kind of blog reader are you?

When you read a blog, do you skim through the blog entry? Just look at photos? Or do you read every little thing they wrote?

I’m a little bit of all. Most times I’ll take the time and read what the blogger has posted. However, some days I don’t read everything that bloggers write about, and I like to view some interesting photos they have added into them and ignore the text altogether.

I’ll admit, it’s a bit of readers ADHD, isn’t it?

If I find myself regularly viewing the bloggers photos for weeks on end, it’s time that I tell myself to just delete that blog from my RSS feed and be done with it.

I read all my blogs through the Google RSS feed. A few websites are blocked when I visit them, therefore I almost always forget that I read them and wait until I get to a computer where they’re not blocked, so I can comment. If I really want to comment on an entry, I copy the URL of their post and write myself an e-mail so when I have access to another computer I can go in and post that comment on their site (so dedicated). I now know which ones are blocked and I don’t read those until later.

Do you always comment? Or are you not a commenter at all. Why or why not?

I’ll rarely comment on your blog if I have to login or enter a random jumble of characters to submit my comment. That’s a step further than I wanted to take, and readers like myself are lazy when it comes to commenting. On some blogs, I write a story book. On other blogs that are very popular with comments, I rarely comment — It’s mainly because the other commenter usually say the same things that I was about to comment on, and I never know if the blogger/author will get to read my comment entry because there are SO many comments on each and every entry they write. I guess I’m intimidated a bit :)  I often try to comment on blogs that are just starting out too — only if I love the blog enough to read them daily. I love receiving comments, and often I like being asked questions at the end of posts, which leaves me room to comment on a bunch of random things that this person chatted a bout in their entry.

What kind of blog reader are you?

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  1. I read a lot of food blogs for the ideas, but don’t often comment because I don’t have a blog of my own. I feel like a creeper commenting because the blogger doesn’t have any idea who I really am or what I’m like since I don’t have a blog for them to “stalk” me thorough. Therefore I usually just lurk, and comment rarely when I feel like I have something realllly worthwhile to say or a recommendation that may truely be worthwhile.

  2. It all really depends on the amount of time I have. I love reading and keeping up with everyone, but sometimes I do have to skim through because of time constraints. And sometimes I don’t comment because of that as well.

    I also don’t comment when I don’t really have much of intelligence to say. I don’t think the writer really appreciates comments much if all I have to say is “oh yum” or something like that. I really mean it, but really… that’s all? I’d rather not…

  3. I comment if it is easy. I am like you and I hate having to log in or do anything special. I just want to comment hit submit and move on! haha!

  4. I read everything most of the time. I may not read it right when it’s posted. But I will come back when I have more time and go through the posts. Like I am doing right now.
    I do have to admit I am not the good at commenting I think people don’t want to hear what I have to say but I will try and get better and make more comments because I know how nice it is to read the comments people make on your own website

    Nancy says: I’ve been hearing back from a few new commenters on my blog the last few days – I think it’s the type of posts that I’m putting out there. I’m glad you decided to post today!! :)

  5. much like Erin, i’ll read and rarely comment because I feel weird. the person has NO CLUE who I am and its just odd to me thats all.

  6. I read the whole posts and look at the pictures too, Sometimes I comment but other times I tell myself I’ll come back to comment and I end up forgetting. lol I also go through phases where I read blogs all.the.time. then I go for a bit not reading them lol

  7. Hi Nancy, I used to read your blog a lot until I went back to school and you changed the layout and I could not get the RSS feed to work, remember? You did not even know what I was talking about! Well good to see you are still here, now I am reading the backlog!

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