How to stay motivated

My co-workers, friends and even people I know online always ask me how I stay motivated. For me, it’s easy. I love being active. But I know everyone doesn’t.

Have you ever tried indoor rock climbing? It’s super fun, and a huge work out in itself. Don’t know what indoor rock climbing is like? Check out the video of me, doing a boulder problem back home in Newfoundland. Please note the video is quite old — it was in 2003 (!!!) so my digital camera wasn’t the best at shooting film back in the day.

It may take a while, but I say you need to find something you absolutely enjoy doing, and keep at it. If you hate running — don’t do it. Simple as that. Get creative, and find an activity that gets your body moving. Just watching those climbing videos just makes my finger tips sweaty, and want to chalk up and get back on the wall.

And another, for good measure ;)

Set small goals. Tell yourself you’ll work out “X” many times this week/this month. Once you achieve that goal, give yourself a treat — a movie date with your bestie or significant other, a new work out top, or maybe just a new mascara you’ve been eyeing. Be your own #MyBetter.

Speaking of mascara. Have you ever tried Make Up For Ever’s Smoky Lash? Look at those lashes it gives me. No, I’m not wearing falsies.

You’ll shortly find out that working out makes you feel good and will definitely boost your own self esteem and confidence. I think it’s easy to keep up something you’re truly passionate about, and have fun doing it, of course it’s hard work but that’s the fun part – creating these new goals to strive for. Or as Nike says…

Working out can improve the quality and even length of your life, just by taking care of your body. It doesn’t have to cost anything, just put the effort and time into it. Everyone goes through tough times, so being there to support and encourage your friends is essential.

As I post on my blog, you know I like to share my own stories, both failures as well as successes. I want you guys to be able to relate to me, to know that you’re not the only one with challenges. I started running again 3 weeks ago, but this time I have a Coach (Hi Steve!). I’ve never been so excited (and still somewhat anxious, but I’m trying to overcome that) to go our for a run once a week. I won’t lie, it’s still very difficult for me, especially with my breathing. but I’m learning to overcome the breathing issues — it’s mostly anxiousness and punch out some longer (such a relative term… 6km is long for me) distances.

I’m leaving everything open in the comments today. I want you to ask me any kind of questions, fitness related or not. Let it be an FAQ sort of thing, for anything you’ve ever wanted to ask me. Use the hash tag #FAQspiffykerms on twitter for your questions, please!

A great quote I found, then prettied up. I pinn’ed this a few months ago (and I guess no one found it interesting enough to re-pin, lol).

Go ahead and leave me a comment. Ask away. FAQ’s will finally be answered!

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  1. Do you take vitamins? I know what works for you might not work for me but I always wonder because doctors don’t know everything and many times I had been given bad advice. Is there anything you cannot get through the day without taking?

    What is the one exercise that every woman should be doing? I know I’d never be able to do cross-fit or even climb a wall but is there anything else you have learned over the years that we need to be doing?

    Do you have to deal with negative comments and tweets and if you do, do you ingore it like many how -to blogs tell you to or do you calmly chop off their heads? haha I’m very nervous because I became popular blogging years ago and a few people posted my private info and asked someone to go kill or kidnap my dog.. I’ve been scared ever since and I don’t know how to deal with it or if I should deal with it and just ignore it.

    How do you balance eating McDonald’s and staying fit? hahaha every girl needs to know this

    The reasons why I like your blog is that you are a Newfoundlander.. Of course, that has to be a reason, we are awesome.. haha but I like that you talk about your successes and failures, I like that while you do take sponsorship, you don’t come across as fake at all. I also like that while you do enjoy treats, you look really healthy and not overdone like a great deal of other youtube guru’s. I like that you do like some of the stuff the other girls do but you always look polished and casual even without gobs of make-up that they cannot possibly wear but buy just because they can or $100 + sweaters. You make it all your style and you seem very relatable because of it.
    Candi recently posted..Christmas PrepMy Profile

  2. I completely agree that finding something you love is a great motivation to keep at it. Unfortunately, a lot of the things I love are expensive haha. I love indoor rock climbing and haven’t been in forever, your video makes me want to go!
    Maria @ lift love life recently posted..Korea Day 4My Profile

  3. Great blog Nancy. You’re definitely one of the people who have inspired me to get fit. I’ve been at it for a month and a half and lost 17lbs so far. Keeping motivated has been hard at times, but knowing tomorrow is a new day with a fresh start is always great to know.
    James recently posted..Turning Over A New LeafMy Profile

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