New set of eyebrows

I really dislike adding steps to my simple, quick and easy makeup routine—but when I went to Toronto and spent close to two hours inside Sephora making decisions with the best makeup artist I’ve ever encountered in Sephora—he and I were having so much fun playing with everything. He ended up doing my eyebrows, just for fun because he wanted to.

These are the eyebrows I’ve been trying to achieve: perfectly shaped, not at all sparse. But look closely, he brought IN my eyebrows closer to my nose. My hair doesn’t grow there. I didn’t end up buying the Anastasia brow pencil, but now I’m kind of liking it … uh oh.

Makeupless before (ok well after, since it was the night time and I removed makeup). Full face and eyebrows after. Feels funny to say that. I bet there’s some sort of human growth hormone you can take for your eyebrows.

I also wanted to show you another photo where you can see my new Bobbi Brown Corrector with concealer on top, plus my fancy new eyebrows. I feel so weird posting this, because a few years ago I wore nothing. The people back home in Newfoundland reading this are all probably like “Who is this girl?” lol

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  1. I ruined my eyebrows with over tweezing when I was younger and my esthetician (who is also a friend) has helped me grow them back. I do have some spaces though so I’ve been “filling” them in. It makes a huge difference. I’ve tried powders (I used MAC eyeshadow with an angled brush- not sure of the # off hand) and right now I am using a pur minerals multipurpose pencil. Tinting your eyebrows also “fills” them in for a time but its a pain in the fanny (not really a good idea to do it yourself- IMO).

    BTW, you look amazing without makeup! I wish I looked like that! My skin is super red/pink.

    Nancy says: I think the makeup-less photos are deceiving. I’m very patchy/splotchy and red. The blackberry blurred out most of that, thankfully hahah!!

  2. You have the most gorgeous eyes! I love brow pencil because mine are really sparse at the ends. The trick is to buy one in a shade lighter than you hair color. Once I filled mine in and I looked crazy!

  3. Before, I never ever filled my brows. I tried it last year sometime and now, I get cranky when my MAC brown pencil runs out. Like in your pic, I notice a HUGE difference and I don’t think I can ever go back to not filling them in, lol.

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