I like it.

Pretty cool if you’re looking into some small business opportunities.  Sell your artwork to the city, where they can probably produce large posters to go on bus stop shelters and things. People would totally stand under the art work and take photos. What better way for a designer to get their work out? There’s so many options out there. I mean it doesn’t have to be drawn, it could be something illustrated too. So many ideas! It’s neat though, huh? You can visit the website here for more cool art drawn using a white board.

Happy Friday! So, what does everyone have planned for the weekend? I’m going to the boyfriends all weekend long and going to make some delicious supper’s. I also have to do a butt load of laundry, plus pick up some detergent. Fun fun!

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  1. I’m not doing much this weekend. I need to start saving money instead of blowing it on *ahem*makeup*ahem*, so I’m staying in this boring town. I’ll probably end up getting some of my readings done for the week.

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