DDR Madness

You know what? I tried out my roommate’s wii for the first time ever (never used a wii before) and oh buddy, I can tell if I keep this up, my arms will be somewhat toned in no time! We were playing some silly game, where I was a rabbit or something, and you had to swing this cow around and while you do that you’re violently throwing your arm about, in the livign room. As my roommate was doing it, I was in tears curled up in a ball laughing at her. I couldn’t stare at her play the game. It was TOO funny. But wow, my arms are sore.

Have you seen those teenage boys in the arcades at the mall dancing mad fast on a flat surface decorated with 4 squares? (Haven’t a clue what I’m talking about?) Have you always wanted to join in, but were too afraid of getting pwned? Well, if you don’t have access to an arcade or are too embarrassed to purchase DDR for your Wii or whatever game console offers it (I don’t even know if the Wii has invested in it. But I’m just sayin’), you can have a little fun with your very own, personalized small finger dance kit. HAHAHAHAHAHA… HAHA!!

Description: Plug your USB DISCO DANCE into the USB port, slip your fingers through the holes and select the game type, press start and then mimic the steps illuminated by the arrows. Get the highest score by pressing the button while it is still illuminated.

Wow. $63.00 This is intense.

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