Making your bedroom a relaxing sanctuary

beautyrest-headerSince our last bedroom makeover, we have upgraded to a king sized mattress (from a tiny double!) and said goodbye to our beloved headboard that I so desperately loved. I’m not entirely sure if we could get a king sized headboard up the stairs, as our box spring came split into two smaller box springs. Had no idea those even existed!

Today I’m showing you our brand new bedroom. Feeling a little more grown up with some new accents added to the room, but still missing a headboard. I’ve added our Ikea 26×26 pillows to the back to replicate it somewhat. But it’s definitely no fancy tufted headboard like we had in the past. Minor problems.

Funny how I’m excited over a new house-things over a few insignificant articles of clothing. Ah, all part of growing up isn’t it. Priorities change. But when you live with an Ironman Triathlete who trains 6 to 7 days a week (that’s three sports you guys) greet him at the door when he comes home, only to realize he’s so exhausted from working long hours then leaving work to either swim, bike or run — you realize that you need an upgrade when it comes to sleeping properly.

Zebra-rugHis evening routine goes a little something like this… The garage door opens. Alfie and I run down to greet him. We talk about his day a little bit, while I make supper. The Guy puts his work bag down and stretches out onto the floor on our new rug (I have to admit, it’s very comfortable, especially that silky tan part under my feet. So smooth!) and relaxes for a minute, which turns into over an hour or more, see where I’m going with this? It’s easy to see he doesn’t get too much quality sleep as it is.

Only since we moved to California, it clicked. The Guy hasn’t been getting enough rest ever since we started sleeping in the same bed, nightly almost 10 years ago. What can I say, I may be a slow learner but I learn from those mistakes!

We may be a small sized couple, but for those last 10 years, we have been sleeping on a double sized bed. Hardly big enough for a teenager, let alone someone who likes to sprawl out, sleep diagonally while the husband gets a few inches of room at the edge of the bed, and little blanket. Poor guy.

So what other way to win the best wife of the year award? I UPGRADE us. Yeah buddy.

striped-beddingBeautyrest allowed us to upgrade from our firm double mattresses, to a king sized Recharge mattress. Unfortunately for us, we didn’t specify the type of mattress firmness we’d like. When the delivery guys came up the stairs (folding a king sized mattress in HALF to bring it up two flights of winding stairs) I realized we received the softest mattress they make. Oops. While we completely enjoy our space and the size mattress we have, it definitely took a lot of getting used to. Hence the late review as we received it back in January.

Paintings-in-bedroomI’m pretty sure the Beautyrest is mainly for side sleepers like my husband, which is fantastic for him. I’m a back sleeper, with one hand over my head most nights, so my neck is a little crinky a couple of times throughout the week. Thankfully it doesn’t last too long after I wake up.

flowers-on-nightstandIf I were to go back and get another mattress by them, I’d definitely get a firmer one. This one I feel like it sucks you in like a big ol’ marshmallow. Super comfortable for the first while, but again — we’re the couple that prefers the opposite. Clearly, we’re used to it now, and it’s best kind.

Striped-duvetFreakin’ eh man, it’s so hard to take photos of bedspreads, duvet covers, and general bedding photography. I got out my steam cleaner and spent a good hour going over both duvet covers to get the pesky wrinkles out, and it didn’t work so well. A complete waste of time, considering they’re going to be wrinkled as we sleep in them. It’s like ironing your underwear and socks. Does anyone do that?

3-pics-in-1I love how our master bedroom looks with all the golds and whites, but it’s definitely missing a nice headboard like we had last time. My husband thinks he can simply attach our double-sized headboard to the back of this one, and it’ll look fine. Uhh.


Christy-Linens-duvet-coverYou might notice there’s two duvet covers shown in the photos. That’s because I have two that were sent to me. I’m still undecided as to which one should be our main one, but I really like them both so much (the striped one is more us, and the embroidered one feels more grown up and fancy to me — like being in a hotel).

Checking-phone-on-bedSide note, it’s incredibly difficult to take self-timed photographs of yourself.

Alfie-with-stripesI think once we add the final touches to our master (aka a headboard and maybe some more paintings on the wall), it’ll really start feeling like a relaxing sanctuary.






I have a question for those that own a king sized bed. Do you have king sized pillows? Because the one’s that came in the Christy Linens sheet set and duvet cover set are almost as long as I am tall. I’m not entirely sure I’ve ever seen a king sized pillow before — because holy guac the cases are enormous!

Urban Barn faux flowers & white vases | West Elm gold photo frame | Beautyrest Recharge mattress* | Rugs USA Zebra rug* | Christy Linens Chantilly duvet cover & cases*, Egyptian Platinum sheet set* & ivory candle | Unison Home Sailor + Regatta Pewter duvet cover | Paris print & painting (received in a swag bag, I’m not sure where they are from!) | night tables

Disclaimer: Items marked with an * were sent for review.

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Unwinding after a long day

We’ve been on the go all weekend and it’s been incredibly amazing having my husbands family here. Three off them ran the Sacramento marathon on Sunday and it felt extra special since it was my sister-in-law’s 30th birthday on Sunday, so she got to celebrate it by running with her Father and Brother.

While I enjoy keeping busy and spending oodles of time with my husband, our friends and family, there’s still nothing better than unwinding after a long day. I’m afraid I may be coming down with something. You know the sore feeling in your body throughout the day. So what better way to potentially cure what may be an oncoming sickness than a nice bath and treat myself to an at-home spa evening. Once that’s done with, put on my cozie’s and curl up with a tasty hot drink and catch up with the family. Does the trick!Relaxing-in-chair

Our house is finally decorated for Christmas, so you can see a bit of a sneak peek at how it looks with the little feather Christmas tree next to our new grey armchair from It’s a bit firm, but overall pretty comfortable to sit down and relax. As you know, I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect grey (or green) arm chair. Ideally I wanted it to be a velvety fabric, but I was pleased with the Inspire Q, so I got it!Alfie-looking-up

Alfie-on-chairAlfie has taken possession of the chair, I don’t blame him. He’s either on the chair, or our new Moroccan Shag rug, it’s so cushiony and soft you guys. I’m no longer sitting on the couch on the other side of the room, I’m always sitting here with my feet up on a foot stool, wrapped up in this huge Christy Linens blanket watching YouTube videos, listening to music, or it’s where I go to chat on the phone with my parents.

grey-arm-chairI love that I now have a “me chair”.

I love to draw myself a bath and have a little soak to warm my body up. I bought the candles at H&M, but they’re unscented. Great if you’re not feeling up to smelling all those heavily scented candles. As for smelly candles my favourite candle is the World Market Bougie candle in the scent gardenia. I’ve been using Pure Brazilian shampoo ever since I dyed my hair — I love how silky and hydrated my hair has been feeling, I’ve been letting it air dry a lot lately, so it’s getting healthier and this is only helping. Thank goodness it doesn’t cause my hair to get frizzy.Candle-and-bath

I’ve been described as having a hotel-like bathroom. I love the way hotels present their towels for guests, and I try to mimic it at home for ourselves. It’s a little bit of luxe with handsoap not from the popular soap shops and just different stuff to decorate with.





Once my bath is over I’ll head back downstairs and make myself some hot chocolate or tea to sip on in my Santa Mug (from the Superstore/Loblaws in Canada last year). I mean, tis the season, right? How come no one has told me about Celestial’s peppermint tea? Is it limited edition? It’s amazing, and kind of reminds me of peppermint white mocha’s from Starbucks.peppermint-tea

Alfie trying to get up in my business, I don’t blame him. We both like to cuddle.Alfie-on-my-lap

…and a little while later, he’s on the floor conked out. Alfie-napping-on-rug

What do you do to unwind or treat yourself after a long day?


Supreme Hygro towels + throw and cushion c/o Christy Linens
Inspire Q arm chair c/o aka
Moroccan Shag rug c/o Rugs USA (just spotted that all shag rugs are 60% off plus you get free shipping!)
Shampoo, conditioner + hair mask c/o Pure Brazilian

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Just in time for our visitors!

Chex-headerI was invited to a Holiday Entertaining Event with Chexâ„¢ Party Mix and DIY Expert, Brit Morin. It was yesterday morning and I received the utmost royal treatment as they arranged for a limo to pick me up, and drive me both ways to MakeShop which is located in ‘The City‘ as Californian’s like to call San Francisco.

Make-Shop-San-FranciscoMakeShop is a fun little spot owned by Brit + Co., where you can make things, and buy things. There are laser printers, 3D printers, and supplies to make jewellery and other fun creative things. It’s a great spot!

First I’m going to talk about the sweet ride, then jump into the blogger event.

CadillacI have never felt so fancy.

Palm-trees-and-CadillacsI documented it all.

Selfie-in-limoMy driver told me it was a fully loaded 2015 (3 weeks old) Cadillac SUV. Sure felt fully-loaded with all the gadgets I had to play with, while getting chauffeured.

selfie-rainbowIt’s been pouring this entire week, which is what California desperately needs. So the drive up was a little foggy and wet, but I spotted a rainbow! A rare treat, in California.


As a creative individual (I’m a Graphic Designer and I love to paint!) I had a blast hanging out with all the bloggers, making Chex Mix. Which I mean, hello — just in time for our visitors! My parents-in-law will be arriving later this afternoon, my sister-in-law the day tomorrow, and this is only the beginning of our December visitors. I’m super excited to entertain!

Decorating-tinsWe learned how to prepare easy-to-make delicious Chex™ Party Mix recipes. I know Muddy Buddies are popular, but my favourite type of mix we made was the peppermint. SO GOOD. We also decorated tins to put the Chex Mix in.

I-heart-ChexI’m not entirely sure Chex is available in Canada, so this was all new to me. Well, I love you now Chex.

Brit-and-Co-Chex-PartyIt’s starting to look a lot like Christmas!









Chex-SpoonCheck that out!, It’s the spiffykerms logo is laser cut into the Chex spoon. Side note do you like my miniature Ikea Christmas tree hanging out on the kitchen counter? I think it’s adorable.






sbux-and-cadHuge thanks to Chex and Brit + Co for hosting a fun Christmas event!

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