Recent purchases & noticing things

One thing I noticed (#1) about being home in Newfoundland was the water when I was showering or just washing my hands. I didn’t need to moisturizer throughout the day, my hands weren’t as cracked and my hair was GREAT. It’s already soft to the touch (jealous?) but while I was home I could literally brush through my wet hair IN THE SHOWER with my fingers after my shampoo was in. Isn’t that just incredible? Funny how you forget those little things.

Another thing I noticed (#2) or was rather more annoyed with, was that anyone I came in contact with, whether it be acquaintances, friends, family members — ANYONE… always had to embarrass my Boyfriend and I as to when we’re getting married. It’ll be 6 years in June. Just be patient folks. Either it’ll happen or it won’t. Right?

Notable thing #3? I’m a drunk tweeter. Oops.

Notable thing #4: People in Newfoundland make a lot of eye contact. Something that I’m not used to after nearly 5 years of living away. (Me thinking: Do I have food on my face??)


Now onto my December-January Christmas haulage. It’s video time!!!

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What was everyone up to this weekend? 

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  1. Lol I rather enjoyed your drunk tweets. They kept me giggling with all your spelling mistakes ;)

    love you and your youtubing.. you vids are great! :D

  2. Oh my lord. When I saw your drunk tweets I cracked up! I was like “Noooo! The satan has corrupted my Nancy!!”. Ahaha. Also, I’m subscribing to your YouTube!

    Nancy says: lol :)

  3. – You and Scott…just nice enough that it is 6 years…..
    – Eye contact—someone told me the other day that she thought someone was a bit arrogant as he never spoke much to her or made eye contact….eye contact showa you really are interested…my opinion :)

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