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Thankfully I haven’t had to go to my dermatologist this year to get any more treatments for eczema. A few weeks ago I talked about how dry my knuckles were and back in December about how my eczema moves each year. I had achingly dry skin in January/February — which lasted what seemed like months but it was a grueling few weeks where I didn’t even want to do the dishes or even pat my hands dry with a towel. It wasn’t bad to the point of them cracking and bleeding (but I knew it would be soon — if I didn’t slather on all my creams on my desk).

It’s now warming up around here and I can see that spring is just around the corner. I have hand cream everywhere, including the console of my car! (An aerie freebie — get yours monthly!)aerie cream

We’ve been above freezing this whole week and I think it’s safe to say that my winter tires need to come off and put on those 17″ shiny tires with rims. After purchasing brand new winter tires in November, I now had to replace my summer tires (what a bummer) , since they’re bald and haven’t been replaced since the car was bought. I ended up posting on the Mazda forum where I joined when looking for my car, to get some opinions on the Falken summer tires I was about to purchase. Most of the reviews seem to think they were decent. Whewf.

Anyway, I called my mechanic earlier this week who is storing my summer’s (which will probably end up in the dump) and I put new tires on my car Thursday afternoon. Ughhhh. Expensive. But that means I get to shine it up, wax it for the first time (Well. Paying someone to do that for me!), and taking some photos of it. I already have a couple of places around the tri-city area that I want to go. Beaten down old buildings with the sun setting. Oh! I can just see it now.

silly-mazda3Remember when I was looking for cars and I posted this? I still laugh at it every time. :)

m3-snowballI was soo happy when I finally picked mine up (10.10.09 — hey, it’s an easy date to remember, and a memorable one at that!).

(All photos below grabbed from Tm3)


mazda3alley2I remember looking at photos of Mazda 3’s when I didn’t have mine at the time. These are a couple of fav’s and totally had me jealous of their setups especially on the TM3 forums (Toronto Mazda 3!). I plan on doing this too though now that I have my own! :)

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  1. Okay totally confused? You have to get summer and winter tires?

    Nancy says: Oh. I purchased my car in October when it had summer tires on it, and I needed winters – which I bought in November. Now that it’s spring, I need to change back to summer tires, so I had to get new ones as they were bald. Hope I explained it better! :)

  2. No…honestly I have never heard of summer and winter tires. But I guess since I live in Texas where we don’t have a major winter is the reason. My tires work year round. I honestly didn’t know that people had to have 2 different sets!

    Nancy says: In Ontario some people get “all seasons” which are apparently okay for the winter, but I don’t feel safe driving in all seasons with deep snow. In Newfoundland we had STUDDED winter tires. They’re illegal in most parts of Canada as they tear up the roads, as you can imagine.

  3. Hi Nancy, if it does not bother you I will send you some tyre reviews I have collected through the years. They are written in different languages but I think you will be able to understand them. If you don´t I can give you a hand trying to translate them into my very own personal english. Pedro.

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