Eczema has a mind of its own

ootdThe face looks splotchy on the camera. I swear I know how to blend my makeup. Nobody cares.

As insane as this sounds, my eczema moves to a different place on my body each winter. I know! It sounds so bizarre but it’s true. My first year when I was experiencing weird dry flakey, sore red skin — I had no idea what it was until my neighbor back home in Newfoundland (Pharmacist by the way) introduced me to hydro cortisone cream.

The first year was on my eyelids, and temples. Second year it was on the insides of my elbows, where you’d definitely think it naturally would be. Third year was on my HIPS (so painful when you wore clothes all day lol). This year. Well, let’s not go there. Ok ok. It’s a bit lower than my belly button and is awkward to scratch. If I was a man, you’d think I was ‘adjusting’. It’s also migrating to my knuckles. Specifically on my right hand’s forth finger. What gives.

I don’t think the Victoria Secrets body lotion is going to cut it this year. I think I’ll probably nee to whip out the harsh stuff, either that or go to my dermatologist again.

I never had this problem while living in Newfoundland. However, Newfoundland does have quite a bit more water in the air which gives the feeling of damp cold winters, where you can never get warm. Bone chilling to be exact. Then I relocated to Ontario, dry, nose-hair-freezing type of cold. You can actually dress for the cold in Ontario. But then comes the dry skin issues with hard water, dry air, sucking every bit of moisture out of my already lizard skin.

I went and got the H1N1 flu shot last night at a local secondary school where they had the clinic set up. Gotta say, I wasn’t too thrilled about voluntarily having a needle stuck in me, but I did it for good cause. I’m going home to Newfoundland for Christmas and I cannot be sick around my father who is on chemo. My arm is sore and I want to be a huge baby and GO.HOME. (from work that is, not to Newfoundland just yet btw..)

Ooh! I also wanted to tell you all that you need to check out Megan’s new hair color! She dyed it a few nights ago and I’m kind of thinking we have the same coloring? Anyway, regardless of that I’ve been trying to not dye my hair for about a year now. I think I last colored it in August 2008, but I can’t be too positive. I want to see my natural color for a few years, before my whole head starts going grey, you know? Maybe that’s weird of me, but I’ve been dying my hair since the age of 14, and uh. That’s a long time. So I decided to give it a break and my hair grows sooo slow, so the roots are still at around my temples or a bit lower, it’s all brassy and gross now but I don’t care and trying to stick through it. But if and when I do start dying my hair again, I think I’ll go with what Megan used: Revlon Color Silk in Dark brown (30)!

P.S: You all need to get this color nail polish. It’s by OPI — You Don’t Know Jacques. Wonderful shade.

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  1. I don’t know if you have this in Canada…but if you do, give Eucerin a shot. They have both lotion and a thick cream that comes in a tub. I used it on my face when I was taking Accutane for acne and it was so dry that chunks would fall off (gross but true). It was the only thing that helped give my face moisture. I know my cousin uses it on her eczema, as well.

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