Egg ‘muffin’ omelets (Paleo friendly)

I’ve received a few comments from people who wanted to know how I’ve been making my egg omelet muffins. It saves me time and most importantly energy I don’t have in the morning. I make a batch of 12 on Sunday morning and I have enough to due us all week.

egg omelet2

Preheat your oven to 350°. Spray your muffin tins with cooking spray so they don’t stick.canola-oil

Get 12 eggs ready.12-eggs

Crack and beat them into a cup where you can pour properly. Here is where you can add milk, but since these are ‘paleo friendly’ I did not. stir-the-egg

Pour the egg mixture evenly into each muffin cup.eggs-in-cups

Get your veg ready! I’m adding yellow bell peppers and fresh mushrooms.veg

Make sure they’re chopped up into bite size pieces. mushrooms

In goes the peppers! Add as many/as little as you’d like.pepper

Pop them into the oven for 55 minutes and this is what you’ve got:eggs-out-of-oven

Let them cool off for a bit and store them in an air tight container and you’re set for the week!eggs-cooling


12 eggs
veggies of your choice
spices of your choice

  1. Crack 12 eggs into a container and mix until beaten
  2. Pour egg mixture into 12 muffin cups (sprayed with cooking oil so they don’t stick)
  3. Drop in your favorite veggies (bite size pieces)
  4. Cook for 45-55 min at 350
  5. Serve, and enjoy!
Prep time: 15 minutes | Serves 2 | Cook time: 40-55 minutes | READY IN 55 MINUTES!

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  1. Looks great – just a bit confused by the different cook times you have listed…I’m guessing 30 minutes would be plenty?

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