If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

You’ve heard that motto many times before, right? Well — sometimes you get bored of that thing you’re using and want to try out new ones. For instance, I have disgustingly dry skin in the late winter and I know for a fact that Neutrogena’s Norwegian formula hand cream works wonders. But it’s such a thick consistency that it’s hard to rub in.

creamAt work I’ve been using a Victoria Secret hand lotion that is literally like water, and I probably won’t purchase ever again. It smells so great though. So if you don’t need hand cream, but like to use it — I can definitely suggest this one.  It doesn’t work on my hands.

I wracked my brain and now I have the best of both worlds. I’ve decided to use a minuscule amount of both creams and rub them in together! Voila. Soft, smelly nice girly and soft  hands.

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  1. I find the creams I use have to have zero smell to them otherwise I get migraine fast! I heard the PINK stuff is very odd in that usually its too runny or too thick. So weird considering!

  2. I have eczema on my hands which makes my dry skin (from washing my hands too much) even more terrible and i cant use anything scented because it will burn my hands but i use Gold Bond Ultimate Healing Therapy Lotion in the Aloe type and holy AMAZING.It makes my hands soooooo soft and isnt super thick like some hand creams/specialty lotions :)

  3. Oh I know hey, Cinda? After getting the puppy, I’ve been washing my hands continuously as well – which at the beginning made them so raw they ended up splitting on my knuckles and stuff. It was deadly :(

  4. I haven’t ever smelled the PINK lotion…but any excuse to go to VS is fine by me!! Will have to go check it out this weekend!! :)

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