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So, what’s the deal here with people trying to do this to their own phones: unlock iphone. Why would the iPhone be locked? Why do people want to unlock it? I heard from random people that once you do this to your phone you may or may not have voided your warranty.

Being a BlackBerry user for the past 5 year I don’t understand it, and don’t know anyone personally with an iPhone (everyone has BlackBerries in this city, and for good reason. It’s BlackBerries hometown).

Do you know what I mean? Why does Apple tease people and lock it. I don’t even know what specifically the term means by locking the iPhone. I suppose good ol’ google could help me out but I’m blogging about it instead. Help a gal out!

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  1. I have a dinosaur phone. Not kidding. I am so damn slow! HAHAH! I walked into the Verizon store & was like “Hi. I need a phone with buttons. ” The guy looked at me like I had 10 heads and said “We only make 2 of those and my grandma has one” I got the one his grandma has :)

  2. I had a blackberry, loved it, miss it but I just got a new phone, an iphone4 and I had to unlock it. It’s locked to a certain provider unless you buy it from apple directly, then it is unlocked. If you are talking about jailbreaking, that’s a whole other thing. I’m not a huge fan of my iphone but am stuck with it for a few years. If the torch had been out when I got my iphone I would have gone with the BB torch, I wanted a bigger screen and the screen on the bold was too small for me.

    Nancy says: Jailbreaking, yes maybe that’s the term I was looking for….

  3. Jailbreaking! I just heard of this last night, no joke!
    My Hubs and I are deciding whether to bite the bulet and buy our soon to be 9yr old son ( wow i feel old!) an ipod touch.
    So, to have it jailbroken(? lol) it would mean all the apps are free! hells yes! I assume the same is to be had by jailbraking an iphone too. Not sure if there are further perks to it or not.
    To unlock the phone, as Alynn mentioned above, means to make it available to use any phone server. Like, if you bought your iphone through Rogers, but bell is offering a better service price, then you would have to get the phone unlocked from the rogers network, so you can use another server.

    Thats what I know!
    Hope it helps~

    Nancy says: Ahh that makes SO much sense! Free aps! No wonder.

  4. A little late, but I wanted to comment.

    I’m unlocking my blackberry when I go to Europe instead of buying a cell phone over there. Once unlocked, I can just buy a SIM card in Russia and then call/text away :)

  5. If a phone is unlocked or jailbroken is does void the warranty. I was in line behind someone at a rogers store and the custom was asking the agent if he could send his phone away to be serviced and it was discovered that it was jailbroken. The agent told the customer to go to where it was jailbroken to have it serviced and the customer said the store told him to go to his service provider, so he was pretty screwed. It was an iphone he purchased for whatever the out of contract price is and now it’s basically a paper weight, so I would never unlock or jailbreak a phone. Why buy it from a provider if you don’t want it with them? Many cell companies will match other packages or custom make one for you. You just need to know who to talk to and you can only do it when your contract is up.

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