Mother knows best

Why do I insist on trying new products and not stick to the one’s that I know work best?

A clear example of this is my issue with dry hands. Thankfully they don’t crack, but they’re rough and dry and feel like man hands due to my callouses from CrossFit and Climbing. I’ve always been prone to dry skin, and hands are not the exception.

My Mom, for as long as I have remembered always had this Neutrogena hand cream around the house somewhere, at all times. I may have swiped bottles of it for myself from time to time when I lived back in Newfoundland.It even lasts on my hands throughout washing them! How does that happen? Is that science? I don’t know what it is, to be honest but it’s pretty fantastic due to its staying power.

The consistency of the cream is like an ointment when it comes out of the bottle. It takes a bit of work to really rub into your hands and doesn’t leave a greasy residue.

I’ll spare you the photo of my hands in its rough state, and in the photo above you can see my hands after I applied the hand cream. As for how long it lasts? Well hours really, as I can use the washroom and come back and my hands are still silky. That’s rare. Right? I’ve written about how great this product is in the past here and here, and it’s easily accessible at the drug stores. It’s not even pricey at the drug store. It’s five bucks! Well worth it too.


  • It’s scent free
  • It’s easy to buy (drug store, not a specialty store)
  • Keeps my hands moisturized even after washing (whaaat!)


  • It’s freaking hard to rub in!

Make sure you purchase the Norwegian Formula, as I’m certain they have a few different varieties of Neutrogena hand creams.

No, this review was not sponsored. I purchased multiple bottles of this cream, myself.

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