Joe Fresh & fav shoes!

Today was so muggy, humid and rainy the whole day.

I didn’t want to venture outside, but I made the trip to the grocery store (the one that sells clothing — helloooo Joe Fresh!) and picked up a really great pair of black shorts for $14. They’re super flattering, and since I only have three pairs of shorts (not including “work” bermuda style) to wear outside of work, I decided I was in dire need of a new pair.

While I was at the grocery store I remembered that i needed to pick up some shoe polish. Man, those things have come a long way since the 80’s. My parents have this big wooden box full of shoe polish, and I honestly thought that polishing my scuffed pair of flats would take ages and some elbow grease to get shiny and new looking again.

Boy, was I wrong. There was a small but very diverse selection of Kiwi styled shoe polishes. It all seemed too easy. Where was the “gel” rub on type stuff that you had to apply with a cloth? All the new polishes have watery type shoe polish with a sponge tip applicator. So, I just went with it and bought the $4 bottle.

Not quite before and afters. Because I started buffing right away then decided to take photos. So the right shoe is “before” and I think you can tell which ones are the after shots. Right?

My shoes look TERRIFIC. Brand new, wouldn’t you say? I haven’t been wearing these to work much the past year, but now that I have a new “instant spit shine” (the bottles quote, not mine!) finish, I can wear these favorites of mine every single day, just like the day I bought it.

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  1. Huh. Who would have known shoe polish has come a long way. I remember the days when I’d have to go and get this 70s green plastic box from my parents, put the wax on my boots and then buff it and use some brush. Too many steps back then which is why I haven’t polished any shoes since the early 90s.

    Good to know though and maybe it’ll motivate me to look for some polish for my shoes.

    Love those shoes by the way. Who makes (or made) them?

    Nancy says: They’re “Seychelle’s – Moment of Truth” shoes and I bought them from Brown’s in Toronto. I loved them so much I wanted another pair, except the year that I bought them was the year they stopped making that style. I even contacted Seychelle’s designer and asked them! haha :(

  2. Nevermind on the who makes the shoes question. Scrolled down to a previous post and found out. They are lovely! I love Browns. Just takes me a long long time to save up for something there ;)

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