3 hour groceries and Leanne’s birthday Giveaway!

I cannot believe it’s 10pm on a Saturday night. Where did the day go? I edited and took photos for my eBay purchases which will be up early next week, and after that – we went grocery shopping for three hours. To three different stores, but still. Now you can understand why I usually do it during my lunch breaks on the week days.

My main point of this out-of-the-ordinary blog post on a Saturday night was to tell you all about Leanne’s birthday giveaway! She’s my Newfoundlander buddy who I’ve never met, but now also lives in Ontario too. One day we’ll meet. Her 26th Birthday is coming up and in lieu of that, she’s giving away a $25 gift card to my favorite store: Sephora. Oh the endless possibilities.

birthdaygiveawayAnyway, go check out her website. It’s pretty much similar to mine, blogging about fashion, beauty, organizing, food, stuff like that. I’m sure you’d love her too if you visit my site.

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