Definitely out of my comfort zone thing week. I mean, heck I wore two dresses!

I’m a fan, but I’m not a fan of it not letting me take deep breathes. Holy restricting. I think this style of the skirt and dress suit me. It’s been years since I’ve found something that I like on my body, and flatters my shape. I don’t know what sort of shape I have. Not really boyish, but not curvy either. I’m loving my Monday makeup. I have dry skin, so it’s not like I can recommend treatment for oily skin, but I have no idea what I did differently this morning, than any other. Uh, I just like it.

So, here it is. I really enjoy hearing everyone’s input, constructive criticism, and all that on my outfits each week. Helps me out in a huge way believe it or not.

I’m also in another blogging mood today. Be prepared for another few posts to follow. It’s okay, I always take breaks on the weekend. At least it’ll give you something to read! :) I LOVE BLOGGING. K bye.

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  1. You always mix items so nicely. All outfits are great, but i’m so happy that you wearing skirts and dresses more often. You always look fantastic with those.

    Tuesday and Thursday outfits, as you probably already guessed, are my favourites this week. The skirt and jacket from tuesday, and the dress from thursday are perfect. By the way, the white shirt underneath the dress really improved the whole look and the tights are very sexy.

  2. Eeek! Love Monday and Tuesday’s tops! Love Thursday’s Scarf! And would KILL for Friday’s boots! And they look awesome with the skinny pants.
    Get it! I wish wish wish I could get myself up early enough to look cute everyday like you :)

  3. Every outfit looks so cute, but Thursday and Friday are my favorites. I’m so jealous you get to wear nice outfits to work…I’m stuck in the same navy 3 piece skirt suit everyday. So boring!

    Nancy says: Oh I would not be a fan.

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