My outfit of the work week! I watched the forecast for the week and paired my clothes accordingly. I also ended up doing a bit of shopping at Old Navy on Tuesday and picked up a few clearance items for a great price. I wore one of the tank tops climbing with Stephanie on Wednesday evening (photos to come!) and there was this super neon plum colored burn-out tee that I will wear next week :)

Also since it is my birth month, I ended up getting my license sticker renewed. I hope I have the whole month to do it, because I filled it out all online yesterday. 5 business days til it gets here? Hopefully there aren’t any errors and omissions insurance on my form.

Ooo! More news:

If anyone is in, or near the Toronto Eaton Centre tomorrow (Saturday May 5, 2012) be sure to pop into Sephora as Make Up For Ever has an event going on.  MAKE UP FOR EVER is hosting a Vintage Lip Photobooth event. They will be offering clients complimentary lip touch ups and an opportunity to have their picture taken in the vintage photo booth that will be in store that day! How fun would that be? Conveniently enough I will be in Toronto tomorrow as my boyfriend surprised me with tickets to the AGO to see Picasso’s 147 paintings!! AGH!!!

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  1. What can i say? Liked them all. My favourites are tuesday (always liked that red top), wednesday (the sweater and the boots!) and thursday (the skirt, you always look great wearing it).

    You should do more ootd videos to show off those. What about workout outfit videos as well?

    Have a great weekend.

    Nancy says: Thank you Aline :)

  2. I love the wedges that you’re wearing with Tuesday’s outfit!

    Nancy says: Thanks! Got them at Winners last year.

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