You’ve got mail

Dude, I’m such a freak.

I absolutely love getting mail, whether it be junk mail addressed in my name, or a little ‘thinking of you’ note from a close friend. Occasionally, if I feel that I haven’t gotten adequate mail in the last little while, I start to actually miss it. (What a weirdo!).

There is a MAC counter not even a ten minute bus ride from my place. But, sometimes I go onto the MAC cosmetics website and order an eye liner, or something small just to receive it in the mail and when it comes to my desk at work I’m like “ooooooh what’s this?”. Now I don’t go purchasing things I don’t need. Only when I run out. So this is almost a rare ordeal, when it happens. But I really like getting mail delivered to me! I feel all happy inside. I want flowers delivered to me. My birthday is in May, by the way ;) Wouldn’t it be an absolutely perfect gift to receive an envelope from someone you know, and once you open it – it’s a free travel voucher for a trip down to the Anaheim California hotel? I nearly booked a trip a few weeks ago to see Jess.

Is there anything weird that you do?

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  1. I love getting mail too! Usually it’s just magazines, or junk mail but its still fun to open and be getting something :)

    I don’t do anything weird really…

  2. I absolutely love getting mail too.

    I dunno if I really do anything too weird. I talk to my animals..I love the smell of my boyfriend’s stinky feet.

    Is that weird enough?

  3. God I do so much weird stuff. I’m really anal about hoovering my bed sheets after I eat cookies on it because I think crumbs make me itch (this remains unproven).

    And I have an iPhone app that plays forest sounds and rain and a dull background drone that claims to help you sleep. I’m like my own science experiment :)

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