Anyone have a good Sponge Cake Recipe?

Last week at work we’ve had so much cake. One was super light and almost like an angel or sponge cake. By the way, does anyone have a nice sponge cake recipe? The only cakes I’ve ever made were from Duncan Hines boxes.

My birthday is coming up and for work we have to bring in treats when it’s your birthday to share with colleagues. I don’t remember what I brought the previous years, but this year maybe I’ll bake a cake for everyone. It’ll say “Happy Birthday To Me” on the front of it. Does sponge cake come in different flavors? A marble cake would suit everyone I think. I’m not a huge fan of something like strawberry flavored cakes. But chocolate and vanilla with vanilla icing would be quite delicious to fill everyone’s tummies up with treats.

Also, for sponge cake is a spring form pan necessary? It’s the only type of baking pan I have. Meaning I do not own a donut shaped cake thing. Just a spring-form that I use when I make cheesecake.I should really contact my best friend in Ottawa, she is so well known for her baking. I remember when she first started out as an early teenager. Yum. Jenna, send me down some treats! Ha!

Can you tell that I’m craving something sweet today?

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  1. At first sight, I read you wanted to bake a BOB SPONGE CAKE recipe……that happens when you have lunch with friends and drink a melot red wine bottle from the cork till the bottom.
    Please try this Jamie`s Oliver tiramisu recipe (no need to bake or cook):
    He`s the funniest chef I have ever watched on tv. I love his shows and I think it must be quite easy to get them on youtube if you can´t find them on Canada.
    I have bought every single book of him and, when I need to get a present to a friend or relative, I tend to offer them one of his books.

    Nancy says: Jamie Oliver is the best! I love him.

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