Tighten the money belt

People tell me that I’m going to be completely broke now that I own a car. They may be right assuming this with other people, but I think I’ll be okay. I’m a tight-wad with my money and I’d like to think that I budget everything pretty well.

On the other hand, I could be absolutely 100% wrong and would need fast cash in minutes from one of those pay day loan places. I personally have never used one of those spots to take out money in advance of my pay day because of the percent rate they charge to initially take it out is just a tad too high for my personal liking. Though, I do know a few people that use them on a frequent basis and it benefits them to an extent. Sometimes I just want to take those friends aside and say: “Look! You can budget better than this! Stop eating out to lunch every day You don’t need to go to a place like this if you can manage your money.” Of course, that doesn’t work and I don’t want to be as blunt as that.

My payments have been set up but don’t come into effect until November which is great! I can now save up for winter tires so no eCash in Minutes for me!

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