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Our local mall was in renovations for the last 8 months or so, and from October 15—17 they’re having a grand opening of a … “hallway” of stores(?) Hey, it’s Friday so I’m allowed to have brain-freezes. What I was most excited for was Bath & Body Works, and Victoria Secret PINK! And guess what, I drove there.

I left after supper so only (lol)  had two hours to check out all the new wonderful stores. I spent most of my time in the two mentioned, but what I was also excited to see was a Teaopia.  I’m not a huge fan of tea, mainly because I tend to sweeten it too much for myself.

I would show you the purchases that I got, but I forgot to e-mail them to myself last night. If you’re a flickr friend you can view them on there. Otherwise, you’ll have to wait til tomorrow. Sad loss, I know.

During lunch I have to take my car (HEHEHEHE!!!) to get a drive safe test done. It’s not that far away from work, and apparently it only takes 30 minutes + $35 to do it. Not bad. I mean, it’s necessary as I still only have a temp sticker on my license plates (10 days max). So I need the emissions test done before I get an “October 2010” sticker from the moto vehicle registration office.

I don’t really have much to talk about today. 

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