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I have been constantly on the phone or e-mailing back and forth to Mazda, Belair Direct, and the private seller herself which you now know why I haven’t been updating like I was normally. Well, I’ll be back at it again and updating as often as I can (which will most likely be every day, again).

So on Friday it was incredibly stressful and busy for me regarding the vehicle. The seller initally made her first mistake telling me that I was the only one interested in the car, and that she was moving to CHINA on October 13. I stupidily offered her not much off her asking price. We negotiated from October 1 until October 9, via e-mail as she was about an hour’s drive away near Toronto.

Friday morning we were quick to send e-mails off to one another. I kept asking her to drop her price because the rust-protection warranty was non-transferrable, yet Mazda was giving us both completely different answers. They were saying yes it was, to her. Then no, to me.


We agreed to a price obviously and decided we’d meet on Saturday morning at 9:00am at her house., so we could go to Mazda together to have the safety certificate done and whatever else. Naive me thought it was a fantastic time to meet at that time, because I thought I’d be able to rent a car. Well folks, it’s Thanksgiving Weekend here and the whole 500,000 population of this city was all sold out for rental cars. I panicked. I then looked up the greyhound schedule and saw that there was a bus leaving at 7:30 in the morning and arriving in Toronto at nine. That’s cool, I’d be about 30 minutes late for both my appointment and meeting the seller.

Woke up Saturday morning, and literally ran to the bus stop only to notice the bus was going a different route. BECAUSE THE MAIN STREET WAS CLOSED ONE BLOCK AWAY! Yes. Oktoberfest launched this weekend and the city was putting on a breakfast on the street that I needed to catch my bus on. We obviously missed the first city bus, but we managed to run two blocks and wait about 8 minutes for the other bus. It was the longest 8 minutes of my life. I thought I wouldln’t make it in time for the Greyhound.

We didn’t.

The Greyhound driver was packing all the bags in the carryon thing, and I said “wait! I need to buy tickets ok?” He just pointed me over to the ticket giver outer (pardon my english), and then he got on his bus and TOOK OFF. He took off on us. People started crying. I started tearing up and I’m like great. wtf. So I ask the ticket agent if there’s another bus going to be leaving shortly. Of course! The bus behind it was the overflow bus.

You’d think the overflow bus would take all the 17 or so left over passengers and be on its way to Toronto, right?


He had to wait a half hour for more people because he can’t just take 17 people. Garbage!! We waited until 8:00. Which means we’re way more behind schedule!

Everything closes at noon. I had to be 100% finished with the deal, safety certificate and registration before NOON. I did not think that was going to happen.

We eventually made it to Toronto and for some reason we were actually making great time and we didn’t even end up getting dropped off downtown Toronto (which is where it normally goes), because one of the highways were blocked and we got dropped off at Yorkdale mall (which benefited us greatly as that was MUCH closer to where we needed to be).

Boyf and I hopped on the subway by the mall and transferred onto another subway line. I then called the seller of the car telling her I was running late. She offered to pick me up from the subway station when I was close to her place. How awesome. I couldn’t thank her enough.

She was then, running a bit late. We eventually got picked up (in my Mazda) at about 10:10. By this point I totally missed my Mazda dealership appointment which was scheduled for 9:30, so instead we cheaped out and headed to Canadian Tire to have my inspection done on the car. We waited for an hour and finally an hour and a half later (totally cutting it dangerously close!) 11:40 we were out of there. We raced back to the car (my beauty!) and drove two blocks to the Ministry of Transportation (MTO) which closed at 12!! The line was absolutely massive and we waited until 12:30/12:45. Thankfully MTO is one of those places where if it’s closed and you’re inside, you’re safe and eventually you will get served.

Long story cut semi-short. Obviously we ended up doing everything on time. Otherwise I wouldn’t have gotten the car at all. Because she leaves the darn country in a few days and we wouldn’t have been able to sort everything out.

I can’t describe how relieved I am to finally have this. I don’t have to rely on people for rides to soccer, I can sleep in even longer, and I don’t have to be waiting on any late buses in the pouring rain (ahem, all last week!).

I have named her already Boyfriend came up with the name for my car: SNOWBALL. Isn’t that cute?

Here’s our cars parked in the underground lot of our apartment.


I think I found a few gray hairs worrying about everything that happened yesterday! Unfortunately now I have to leave (and take my beauty) to the next city over. I made a dish of Macaroni and Cheese for my relatives. A close family member passed away so Boyfriend and I are going to head over and spend some time with them all. <3 Take care everyone!

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  1. Good Lord!!!!!, only Tarantino’s films are more stressing than your story, but……the end is what it counts!!! Congratulations for the new and please, drive carefully!!!! Would it be too private to ask you how much did you bargained the car´s price?. I bet you have done far better than a pro dealer.

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