15 interviews…

I really do mean to update daily. Someone shoot me. I don’t know why I don’t update more often. Sorry folks. Not that anyone reads this anymore, or doooo they?

I’ve been going to interviews like mad. 15 since I quit my old job. I’m calling back a place where I had two interviews at this one place, on Monday morning to ask if they have made a decision. Still workin for the Government doing some boring ol’ things, but it’s definitely paying the rent money and having a boat load left over haha. I’m living with my BF for the two months… and working 18hrs over time in a pay period. It’s quite hectic, but definitely worth it.

I wanted to head down to Hamilton and party with my cousin tonight, but that hasn’t happened. I just went out to the mall and suited up my BF for a night out in the big city (T.O) I got to pick out his whole outfit! Ridankulous. Black square toed shoes, Black pants, Black undershirt, Black + some white stitching design on his long sleeved buttoned up collared shirt + a belt. He looks someee swell I say. The girls better not be hitting on him tonight though. I should buy him a fake wedding ring! HAHAHAHA He’d kill me.

Okay. So I miss partying. Like wtf am I doing updating my nerdel of a website on a damn Saturday night. Someone make me some Lime Margaritas. I need to get hammered.

Next week I’m taking my ex-coworker out for supper – since he’s giving me Phantom of the Opera tickets. Maybe I’ll buy myself a few swallies.

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