Superbowl < Desperate Housewives

WHY must the superbowl cancel my favorite show, ever? Desperate Housewives always seems to have the weirdest things going on. Some nights are re-runs, and then other Sunday’s it’s a brand new one. I don’t get it. Even during the regular peak season. What’s going onnnnnnuhgg.

The job hunt is going well. I had one interview on Friday afternoon – thought it just went “ok”. Then the company e-mailed me that evening asking me to come in for a second interview today! The followup interview went good. We’re in the middle of negotiating salary. It’ll be a 1yr contract since one woman will be going on mat-leave.

I have another interview here in Scott’s city on Wednesday morning, so I bussed it over to his apartment today.

AND. Get this. Another “meeting/interview” for freelancing, next Tuesday. If buddy offers, I’m definitely accepting. Doing design during the evenings/weekends will bring me some more cash that I probably wouldn’t make in a salary during my full time position. Everyone wants to interview me, but nobody wants to pay me enough. haha. Dang being a fresh new designer. :) Cross your fingers.

Here’s a new fun song for you all to download!

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