My first Mother’s Day

This is my happiness.

Simplicity, love, time, and being his protector. That’s what I’m giving our baby.

I make a conscious effort to be in the moment with my baby. To never ever wish away time, or to wish he’s older, or at a different stage. Because within a blink of an eye I’ll be older, and (more) grey, and he’ll be grown.

Many love the newborn stage of childhood, others, when they’re more interactive, or some prefer toddlers. Me? I’m loving every aspect I get to nuture and care for my son. I have loved these past three months.

That doesn’t mean to say I’m shaming anyone who “dislikes” a certain age bracket – because I’ve heard it from other Mom’s, directly to me. “How old is your boy? Oh? I didn’t like *that* age”. I’m not one to ruffle feathers or dig for details, so I brush it off. Perhaps they had a bad day. Perhaps they are just blunt. Regardless of that, I’m just so proud of where I am in my life now, and today – my first Mother’s Day!

He brings out all that’s good in me. He shows me what unconditional love is. This boy will always have my whole heart. He melts me. My little best friend.

Time doesn’t stand still as we may want it to so badly. There’s so much more I could say about this kiddo. But my priorities right now are capturing memories with these little self timmed photos taken with my cell phone. Because I know one day I’ll look back at them and relive the moment. I’m taking an effort to take in the small things, to remember his toothless gummy grin. I consider his, motherhood, the most privileged job I’ve ever had.

I have this little person who has made me a Mother, growing with me and teaching me as I do him, daily. I get lost in his eyes, his long eyelashes, and adorable kissable nose. It’s an honour to be this mother. I am so content. My heart is full. Happy first Mother’s day to me, and happy mother’s day to all the momma’s here, and up there. 

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  1. I think sometimes when moms say “I hated that stage” it’s just their way of trying to open it up for you to share your struggles if you have any! But I am so happy that you have been able to really soak in and enjoy every moment so far. You’re an amazing momma!

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