A little late on getting these outfits of the work week up, this week. I usually do it in the morning before work. Either way, here she I be.

What are everyone’s weekend plans? Tomorrow I’m driving to another city to see my Mom’s Aunt and my cousin who I haven’t seen in a long time. If you have a chance, check out her Etsy shop, she’s working on putting some more things up there. So keep checking back if you like her style.

Also, I’m most definitely tuning into the broadcast of the Ironman Canada triathlon in British Columbia. My boyfriend is racing in it!!

I’m going out for a run with my co-worker now! Adios.


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  1. Love your OOTWW! I really love Monday and Friday.. And By that I mean I want those outfits now! Lol :) amazing as always chicky!

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