What I did this weekend.

  • Stayed at Boyfriends place, all weekend.
  • Applied for a PC Mastercard, so I could get free groceries.
  • Watched countless PVR taped shows of What Not To Wear (and FFWD the commercials).
  • Contemplated doing my taxes. But didn’t.
  • Felt sick all day Sunday, but played our last game of soccer for the Sunday night league. (Until playoffs which is 5 more games, starting next week)
  • Slept a lot. A lot.
  • Thought about going to visit my parents friends who flew to Toronto for a conference. I would have stayed at the beautiful and very luxurious Royal York Hotel (The place to stay). But since it’s No Buy Month, I opted out for fear of spending money. Plus! I’d have to spend $25 to catch the bus there. THAT’S spending.
  • Played on my room mate’s Wii. SOOOOO fun, but I still suck.
  • Went to a movie with my room mate and her friend on Saturday (before the No Buy Month)
  • Took off my chipped, unsuccessful find of pink/white/sheer nail polish, and applied it again lightly. lol.
Exciting, no? I still feel like ick. My stomach is going wonky. 

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  1. Essie color called Fed Up!

    Its effin gorgeous and SO shiny. You won’t be disappointed. Makes your nails look like a natural french manicure with a glossy wash of baby pink.

    (Since you’re doing No Buy this month, go test it out on your finger for free somewhere!)

  2. Sounds like a good weekend to me! I like the sleeps a lot part.. I miss sleeping lol!

    Ohhh the Royal York… that would have been nice – you must be proud though, to not go as its a no buy month… Very good self control Nancy I probably couldn’t have done it!

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