American Readers, pipe up!

Get this — I was contacted by a company in the States even though I’m in Canada, to do a contest for my American readers! That’s pretty cool hey? A woman from the online store Fashion to Figure contacted me and we both agreed that I’d do a giveaway. While I did ask that if my contest could be available for US and Canadian readers, unfortunately it couldn’t happen as they can only ship to domestic US addresses.

I’m not sure how many American readers I have but I’m not about to reject a good giveaway that I feel some people would be interested in. In the past I have shrugged off (and of course replied kindly) to a few companies saying I am not interested in certain giveaways as it doesn’t flow with my blog. But I think people will appreciate this one.

Fashion to Figure is a women’s full-fashion company who carries trendy and of course fashionable clothing for plus size women at a good price. They’re offering my readers in the United States a pair of cute jeans. They gave me a list to choose from, and I thought that the jeans were the best prize. Don’t you agree?

Are you eligible to win these jeans from Fashion to Figure? See the rules and regulations below!

Easy Rules & Regulations:

  1. Contest closes on Friday, November 5 at 3pm EST.  (I beg you, do not enter once the contest has closed. Please? That’s just disrespectful since it shows you didn’t read the easy, simple rules.
  2. Contest is only open to USA readers.
  3. Comment as often as you wish.

Pamper yourself, and have a look at what they have available. Remember — it only ships to domestic US addresses.

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  1. I would LOVE to be entered! I’m always on the lookout for jeans that will fit my “not quite so small as it used to be” stomach. Thanks for the giveaway!

  2. I would like to win these for my mom! She always has a hard time finding jeans that fit her right. Plus, she always buys the straight legged/tapered jeans. Omgahhh.

  3. I just went to their site, and some of their clothes are pretty cute..and cheap too! thanks for introducing me to this!

    Nancy says: You’re welcome!

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